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Adult Care: The Proper Way To Use An Underpad

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Adult care has become an increasingly important topic as the population ages. Among them, incontinence is one of the most common problems among the elderly.  Underpads are a common care product that can effectively help seniors with incontinence. However, many people do not know how to use underpads correctly. In this article, we will introduce you to the  proper use of underpads.

What are underpads?

Underpads, also known as mattress pads or mattress protectors, are protective pads used to absorb liquids and protect mattresses or furniture. They typically feature an absorbent layer of water-absorbent material, as well as a leak-proof layer to prevent liquid penetration. Designed to provide comfort and protection, underpads are suitable for a wide range of environments and uses, including medical environments, home care, and infant care.

Types of underpads

underpads can be categorized into various types depending on the usage scenario and shape. The following are common types of underpads:

  1. Disposable pads: Disposable pads are usually made of paper and are used for short periods of time, such as when traveling or during hospitalization. They should be changed promptly after use.

  2. Reusable pads: Reusable pads are usually made of polymer material and can be used many times. They should be washed and dried after use so that they can be used again.

  3. Mattress-type pads: Mattress-type pads can be placed on top of the mattress to avoid contamination of the mattress. Mattress-type pads are usually made of absorbent paper and polymer materials, which can absorb a large amount of urine.

How to choose underpads

The elderly choose underpads to set comfort and applicability in one, first of all, to meet the basic requirements: smooth surface texture delicate, there can not be mutilated; second, care pads should also have a certain degree of absorbent efficacy, to prevent the side of the leakage of urine soiled bed sheets and bedding; third, refused to reverse osmosis, so underpads should have a drainage layer, the surface texture can be assisted in the absorption of urine; lastly, it is to be wear-resistant, not easy to wrinkle.

Elderly people choose underpads should choose the more cost-effective, the market is popular a lot of adult care pads, Noda underpads are more in line. Noda underpads using soft skin-friendly surface layer, 60 times instantaneous absorption dry, thin and comfortable. And diamond embossing, heat sealing, waterproof bottom layer, peace of mind leakage prevention.

underpads are not only for the elderly but also for incontinent people with mobility; traffic jams/travel/outdoor/special operations, etc.; inconvenient toilet people; menstruating women, for postoperative/incontinence care, post-partum dew care, menstruation at night, baby changing diapers, care and outing, for post-partum, post-operative, incontinence and other mobility, for moderate to heavy incontinence people or post-operative mobility. It is suitable for people with moderate to severe incontinence or people with limited mobility after surgery.

Elderly care in people's daily life now accounts for a large proportion of people to the elderly more or less will have the symptoms of urinary incontinence, so choose the right underpads for elderly care is very important.

How to use underpads

Underpads are a common disposable hygiene products, underpads can effectively prevent excretion of dirt leakage to the bed sheets, to keep the bed sheets clean. In order to make you can rest assured that the use of underpads, especially for you to introduce the following underpads use:

  1. With the user lying on his/her side, unfold the pad and fold it inward about 1/3 of the way and place it at the user's waist level.

  2. Let the user turn over and lie on his/her side, and spread the folded side flat.

  3. Let the user lie flat after spreading and confirm the position of the underpad, then the user can lie down without worrying about the side leakage, and the user can turn over and change the sleeping position at will.

Precautions for underpads

Frequency of replacement

There is no fixed standard for the frequency of replacement of underpads, which should be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation of the user. In general, underpads should be changed every 4-5 hours. Highly absorbent pads usually do not need to be changed frequently during nighttime use. However, it depends on the individual situation. If the user urinates more and is less absorbent, they may need to be changed more frequently, e.g. every 2 hours. Therefore, it is vital to choose adult underpads with greater absorbency and good effectiveness to ensure dryness and comfort. To ensure continued comfort and hygiene, it is recommended to check the condition of the underpads regularly and change them as necessary.

Keep dry

When using disposable pads, you need to be careful to keep them dry. If disposable pads are too wet, they can lead to skin irritation and inflammation, which can lead to infections and other problems.

Choosing the right pads

Users have different physical conditions and need to choose the right disposable underpads for themselves.

Pay attention to hygiene

When using disposable pads, you need to pay attention to hygiene. Before replacing the disposable pads, you need to wipe the user's buttocks with wet tissue or clean tissue to keep it clean.

How to change underpads


Before replacing disposable underpads, you need to prepare the following tools:

①disposable gloves

② Wet paper towels or cleaning paper towels

③New disposable pads

Replacement process

① Turn the user onto his/her back or lift him/her up and remove the old disposable pads.

② Wipe the user's buttocks with a wet paper towel or clean paper towel to keep it clean.

③Open the new disposable pad and place it under the user's buttocks.

④Flip up both sides of the disposable care pad and stick it to the user's underwear.

⑤ Turn the user back to the original position and check if the disposable pad is secure.

Handling of underpads after use

Solid Waste Disposal: If there is solid waste (e.g., stool) on the pads, dump it down the toilet and place the pads in the special bag. Dispose of the bag in a non-recyclable trash can. Do not dispose of the pads directly into the toilet.

Cleanliness and environmental protection: Please take care of the environment when disposing of the pads to avoid polluting the environment.

The usual considerations for choosing underpads would be to consider,And Nordstrom's Adult underpads have been thoughtfully designed in all of these points:

Absorption:High-volume instant absorption, efficient water locking, Noda underpads contain polymer with water-absorbing effect.

Skin-friendly:The four-layer structure is reasonably designed: the soft surface layer makes the skin feel comfortable; the absorbing core is made of imported polymer, which is not easy to reverse osmosis.

Rhombic surface embossing, more effective in diverting urine: because the surface of the care pad is distributed in a rhombic shape, it can effectively divert urine, and the surface texture can absorb urine faster to achieve dryness and comfort.

Leak-proof bottom mold, the inner layer is efficiently absorbent to keep dry, and the outer layer is made of anti-permeability material, which is soft and wear-resistant to avoid penetration.


Underpads are a very useful adult care product that can effectively help with incontinence. However, it is very important to use the pads correctly, otherwise it will affect the effectiveness of use and personal hygiene. We hope that the introduction of this article can help you to use underpads correctly, so that the elderly can live a healthier life.

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