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Super Detailed Explanation of Adult Diapers, Pull-up Pants

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When we think of diapers, the first thing that comes to mind is baby diapers, which are traditionally thought of as being used by babies.Yes, that's right, it's true that the little gods and goddesses use them first. But what about the breeders, have they considered it? There's nothing wrong with not having considered it. That's because most of us haven't had incontinence, a family member who is bedridden and paralyzed from a stroke.

Urinary incontinence; is the loss of self-control of urination due to bladder sphincter damage or neurological dysfunction, which causes urine to flow out involuntarily. Urinary incontinence can be categorized into 5 types according to symptoms: overflow incontinence, non-resistance incontinence, reflex incontinence, urge incontinence and stress incontinence.

Despite the fact that many of them do not look different on the surface, they have been plagued by embarrassing leakage of urine. Incontinence is not a problem unique to the elderly or critically ill groups. According to statistics, there are about 200 million people with urinary incontinence in the country, and more than 85% of them are women. There was once a net word called "laughing and urinating", in fact, many women not only will not be able to hold in their laughter, and even a little bit of force, or a violent cough will not be able to hold. Although the problem of incontinence will not be said in public. But your relatives or friends around you are likely to be facing such embarrassment. Diapers, pull-ups, and pull-ups are the care products of choice for dealing with incontinence.

Adult diapers, pull-ups, nursing pads and other incontinence care products can maximize the quality of life of incontinent people and try to get rid of the embarrassing moments caused by physical reasons. In fact, adult diapers have been a very popular living supplies in the international arena, like some countries adult diaper sales have exceeded baby diapers, almost all the elderly will stock up on diapers at home, to prevent the occasional need. So to solve this problem, adult diapers, pull-ups, are the first choice.

What are adult diapers, pull-ups?

Adult diapers, pull-ups, are single-use paper incontinence products, one of the adult care products that A disposable diaper mainly suitable for use by incontinent adults. Most products are purchased in sheet form and are worn as shorts. They are attached to a pair of shorts with the use of adhesive tabs. The adhesive tabs also serve to adjust the waist size of the pants to fit different fat and thin body shapes. Generally, the structure of the diaper from the inside out into three layers, the inner layer close to the skin, made of non-woven fabric; the middle layer of water-absorbent fluff pulp, added polymer absorbent; the outer layer is impermeable plastic film.

What's the difference between diapers and pull-ups?

1.Slightly different target audience

  • Adult diapers are more suitable for bed-ridden patients, for bed-ridden patients, his/her movement is not convenient.For the flexibility of the diaper, as well as wearing the patient's body after the non-confinement of the requirements of a little lower, more absorbent, dry, safe and hygienic, for bedridden patients to use adult diapers better.

  • Adult pull-ups:pull-ups are panty-style diapers, elastic waistband is elastic, elastic, more suitable for people who can move, for people who can move on their own, pull-ups are very lightweight, patients can wear pull-ups during the day to exercise on their own, for pull-ups, the shape and the size of the panties, completely invisible after wearing, good water absorption, three-dimensional enclosure does not leak sideways, is very conducive to the use of patients with mild incontinence. It is very favorable for patients with mild incontinence.

In other words, there is no essential difference between diapers and pull-ups, it should be said that pull-ups are an extended version of diapers, especially in summer, pull-ups are less bulky and easier to change than diapers. Theoretically, there is not much difference between pull-ups and diapers in terms of absorption, but in practice, diapers will absorb relatively more. The waist of the diaper is glued and fixed, relatively speaking, the leakage prevention effect is better.

2. Different ways of putting on and taking off

  • Adult diapers: The wearing procedure is to let the user lie down, lay the diaper flat under the user, use the diaper to cover the user's crotch, and in the user's abdomen, there is a free sticker, adjust the position of the free sticker, open the diaper's two Velcro fasteners, and stick it on the free sticker to let the user use it without worrying about the user's safety.

  • Adult Pull-Up Pants: The steps to put on the pants are just like wearing pants, first roll up the edge of the waist and put it on directly. After use, tear the adhesive tape on both sides and remove it.

Diapers and pull-ups are suitable for what kind of people; diapers are suitable for occasions such as long-term bedridden, limited mobility, puerperal discharge, moderate to heavy incontinence, etc.; pull-ups are more suitable for mild incontinence, heavy menstrual periods, emergency needs, and occasions such as going out and inconvenient toileting;

The first thing you should know is the indicators of adult diapers; national standard GB/T28004 provides the main penetration performance requirements for adult diapers: slip seepage is not greater than 30 ml, back seepage is not greater than 20 grams, leakage is not greater than 0.5 grams. Product deviation requirements: full length +/-6%, full width +/-8%, strip quality +/-10%. pH value requirements between 4.0-8.0, delivery moisture is not greater than 10%. Of course, this is only theoretical data, for our people, can not go to the precise to judge, we want is cost-effective can be, intuitively we can be from the following aspects. To consider.

3.view sth from the outside

  •  be sure to choose one that fits your body type. In particular, the elastic slots on the legs and waist should not be too tight, or they will strangle the skin. Diaper sizes are sometimes not always exactly the same and may vary with different manufacturers' brands. It is recommended to refer to the number labeled on the outside of the package.

  • anti-leakage design can prevent leakage of urine to the outside. Adults urinate more, choose the leak-proof design of the diaper that is the inner thighs stand up the ruffles and waist leak-proof ruffles, in the excessive amount of urine can effectively prevent leakage.

  •  the edge of the Velcro adhesive function should be good. Adhesive stickers should be able to tightly adhere to the diaper when in use and not automatically fall off, and can still be repeated after untying the diaper, even if the patient rolls over to change position, will not be loosened, fall off.


When we use diapers, we must consider the specificity of the degree of difference in individual skin sensitivity, after selecting the right size of diapers, should also be considered from the following aspects:

  • the diaper should be soft, not cause allergies, containing skin care ingredients.

  • diapers should have super absorbency.

  • choose diapers with high breathability. When the ambient temperature increases, the temperature of the skin is difficult to control, and if it is not properly permeable to moisture and heat, it is easy to produce heat rash and diaper rash.


  • When adult diapers are dirty, they should be changed immediately, otherwise it is not only unhygienic but also uncomfortable to keep wearing a stuffy wet diaper.

  • After the adult diapers are used up, the used diapers should be wrapped and thrown into the trash can, do not flush in the toilet, after all, diapers are different from toilet paper, it will not dissolve.

  • You can't use sanitary napkins instead of adult diapers. Although the use of adult diapers is very similar to that of sanitary napkins, they should never be used in place of sanitary napkins, as the design of sanitary napkins is different from that of adult diapers in that they have a unique absorbent system, and the use of sanitary napkins can cause leakage of urine.

Diaper Recommendations Buying Tips:

In the field of diapers, there are numerous large brands, and small brands, high-end some, like Noida is a high-end brand. Noida's pull-up pants are 360 degrees elastic breathable waistband, increased widening, can increase our sense of comfort. 60 times instantaneous absorption polymer [SPA] lock water super strong, but also inhibit the bad smell, the taste is relatively much smaller. Especially the design of the V-shaped narrow gear, more close to our body, more effective in preventing side leakage, go out to wear the most suitable. Foreign imports of raw materials, coupled with the manufacturer's unique design, the use of more feel dry and cool, can effectively reduce skin erythema, itching. Highly recommended. The highlight of Noida's diapers is the wetting display, which makes it easy to see if it's time to change, thus reducing the labor intensity of caregivers.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you're wearing pull-up pants correctly for comfort and effectiveness.

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