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The 7 Best Underpads of 2024, Tested And Expert-Approved

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Underpads machines


Raw materials for undrepads


Noda underpads

       The public's standard of living continues to improve, life and other aspects of life are also quietly changing, such as adult care is also more and more need to pay attention to, so the adult underpads you have heard of?

       Adult underpads are a kind of adult care products, which are made of PE film, non-woven fabric, fluffy pulp, polymer and other materials, and they are suitable for the post-surgery people in hospitals, paralyzed patients and people who can't take care of themselves. With the accelerated pace of life, the demand for adult underpads is expanding, bed-ridden mothers, the elderly, women during menstruation, and even long-distance travelers, all need to use adult underpads.

      Adult underpads are disposable paper incontinence products designed to meet the needs of incontinent adults. Its main characteristic is its absorbency, which depends mainly on the quality of the fluff pulp and the polymer absorbent in it.

How to choose disposable underpads

We choose disposable underpads to set the comfort and applicability in one, first of all, to meet the basic requirements: smooth surface texture delicate, there can not be mutilated; second, underpads should also have a certain degree of absorbency, to prevent the side of the leakage of urine soiled sheets and mattresses; third, refused to reverse osmosis, so the underpads should have a deflector layer, the surface texture can be assisted in the absorption of urine; lastly, it is to be abrasion-resistant, not easy to wrinkle.

We choose disposable underpads should choose the more cost-effective, the market is popular with a lot of adult underpads, Noda adult underpads are more in line. Noda adult underpads soft absorption surface layer, North America imported fluff pulp, refreshing care. And small square diamond embossing, heat sealing, waterproof bottom layer, peace of mind leakage prevention.

Underpads Absorbency and Type Selection

The absorbency of disposable pads is measured in milliliters. Typically, daily pads have an absorption capacity of about 800-1,000 ml, while nighttime high-absorption pads can reach about 2,500 ml. The choice of absorbency is influenced by a number of factors such as the degree of incontinence of the user, the presence of caregiver assistance, and the amount of urine. Therefore, when purchasing, you can choose different models according to your needs, such as Daily Economy, Upgrade or Nighttime High Absorption. Especially in the case of prolonged bed rest, it is more appropriate to choose underpads with higher absorption capacity.

How to choose underpads


Choosing underpads made of breathable materials can effectively prevent bacteria from growing and keep the bed dry and comfortable.


Choosing a underpads made of soft, skin-friendly material can enhance the quality of sleep and give you a good sleeping environment.


Choose a underpads with good absorbency, which can quickly absorb urine, prevent urine from penetrating into the mattress, and keep the mattress clean and hygienic.

How to use disposable underpads

       With the user lying on his/her side, unfold the pad, fold about 1/3 of it inward, and place the pad at the user's waist level. The surface of the pad is usually embossed with diamond, dot or honeycomb patterns, which help to effectively disperse urine and prevent buildup.

The fluffy pulp inside the pad absorbs liquid quickly, while the polymer inside locks the liquid in place to prevent reverse osmosis.

Depending on the size of the user, the care pads are available in different sizes such as 60cm x 60cm, 60cm x 90cm, 80cm x 90cm and 80cm x 180cm.

















Frequency of changing underpads

      Normally, adult pads are changed every 4-5 hours. Care pads with good absorbency usually do not need to be changed at night. However, depending on the circumstances, adult underpads with limited absorbency may need to be changed every 2 hours if the elderly person urinates a large amount of urine. Therefore, when purchasing adult underpads, make sure to choose a product with a high absorption capacity and good absorbency. This will keep them dry and comfortable even if the amount of urine increases.

Disposal of used underpads 

       Wrap the soiled and wet part of the pad and dispose of it properly.

If there is stool on the underpad, dispose of it by emptying it into the toilet, bagging the pad and disposing of it in the non-recyclable trash. Do not dispose of the pads directly into the toilet.

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    The Experts

          With the accelerated pace of life, the demand for underpads is expanding. From women in labor and the elderly to menstruating women and newborn babies, underpads are widely used in a variety of scenarios. There are various brands of underpads available in the market, and Noda Adult Underpads are widely praised by consumers as a cost-effective and easy-to-use option that makes extensive use of polymers, possesses strong water-absorbent properties, and effectively avoids seepage back.

          The choice of adult underpads is actually very important, bad adult underpads on the skin caused by the damage is very large, choose a water-absorbent efficacy, sheep's soft surface layer to make the skin feel comfortable; absorbent core using imported polymer polymer, not easy to reverse osmosis, can be effective in the diversion of urine, the surface texture can be faster absorption of urine to achieve a dry, comfortable, soft and wear-resistant, to avoid infiltration.

    We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free samples that you can take advantage of.


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