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TOP 10 Diapers with The Best Reputation

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What is the difference between adult diapers and adult underpads?

Adult diapers are worn as underwear, users can walk around freely, generally divided into pants and buckle type. The pants type is similar to the usual underwear, directly into the legs and pull up to the waist can be, pants diapers are generally lighter and thinner close to the body, outside of the outer pants, out of the house is not easy to be detected. The snap type has an adhesive waist, so if the diaper is worn by a bedridden incontinent patient, the wearer will need to be turned over to adjust the elasticity.

Adult underpads are rectangular or square flat sheets that need to be spread out when used, similar to a bed sheet or cushion, and cannot be adjusted in shape. They can only be laid static and flat on a bed or chair, and are often used as a supplement to diapers for bedridden patients who cannot get off the floor, women in labor, or people who are incontinent.

What type of people need to use adult diapers?

People with moderate to severe incontinence, paralyzed bedridden patients, postoperative care, women experiencing puerperal discharge, etc;

  • Long-distance driving, traffic jams, people who are unable to go to the toilet outside, and college entrance examination candidates;

  • People with long meetings, substitutes, queuing, game watching, etc.

How often should adult diapers be changed?

The capacity of the adult bladder is 300ml. When the volume of urine in the bladder is greater than 300ml, the bladder will feel full and the urge to urinate will occur. However, the capacity of the bladder is relatively large, more than 300 ml when there is only the desire to urinate, in extreme cases, some people can hold 800 ml of urine in the bladder. In adults, the normal urine volume is 1-2 liters in 24 hours, more than 2.5 liters is polyuria, such as diabetes mellitus, uremia, chronic nephritis, neurogenic polydipsia, etc. Patients with less than 0.4 liters in 24 hours is oliguria, which is mostly seen in patients with acute glomerulonephritis, renal insufficiency, dehydration, and hemoconcentration, etc. In more extreme cases, the bladder can hold 800 ml of urine in the bladder. In more extreme cases, less than 0.1 liter in 24 hours is anuria, such as acute renal failure and uremic stage of renal failure; urine volume greater than 750ml at night is nocturia.

Japanese diapers generally have a smaller capacity, and may only hold 1-2 times of urine for normal urinating people at a time; European and American diapers will have a much larger capacity, and patients with polyuria may prefer European and American brand diapers when it is inconvenient to change them. However, diapers worn for a long time may cover the urine rash, under the condition, it is best to absorb 2 times after the replacement, so that the lower body to maintain breathable.

Four Factors in Adult Diapers

Absorption properties

Penetration performance is the core performance of adult diapers and an important indicator of comfort. Penetration performance includes the amount of slip, seepage and leakage. The slip volume reflects the absorption speed and capacity, mainly related to the infusion layer and absorbent core layer. Slip seepage of large products on the permeability of urine is poor, can not quickly and effectively make the urine penetration to the absorption layer, resulting in urine may flow along the edge of the diaper, so that the local skin by the urine soaked, resulting in discomfort to the user, which in turn causes some of the user's skin damage may cause bedsores and other diseases. The amount of seepage back reflects the diaper's ability to solidify the liquid, again through the absorbent material that fills the interior. A small amount of seepage is proof that the product is good at locking in the urine, and is the most important indicator of a dry experience, as well as reducing the incidence of diaper rash. With a high amount of seepage back, the urine absorbed by the diaper will seep back to the surface of the product, causing the user's skin to come into prolonged contact with the urine, which can easily lead to skin infections. The amount of seepage mainly reflects the isolation performance of the product, not only with the absorption speed and ability, the bottom membrane plays a more important role, if too much pursuit of breathable, may not be able to lock the urine, resulting in the user's clothing is contaminated, which in turn causes part of the user's skin to be soaked with urine, will also cause skin damage. But the bottom membrane density is too big will cause the diaper internal suffocation, easy to produce bed sores.


While permeability is naturally the most important indicator of comfort, tailoring and waist design are also important for comfort. A good fit can accommodate a wide range of body types and take care of male and female physiology, preventing side leakage and improving absorption efficiency. Choosing the right leg girth and elastic material keeps the inner and outer surfaces soft and prevents damage to the skin on the buttocks and inner thighs of the user. The waist design is also one of the key points. After absorbing the urine, the underwear-type diaper will slide down due to its weight, and in order to prevent it from sliding down, the easiest way is of course to tighten the elastic waistband very tightly, but in this way, it will cause the skin to become inflamed and red. However, this can lead to skin irritation and redness. Therefore, by expanding the elastic waistband area and using a lot of soft elastic, you can prevent the diaper from slipping. Hook and loop models need to be turned over many times and adjusted from time to time when wearing, so it is necessary to keep the hook and loop extremely adhesive adhesive after repeated pasting, and not easy to fall off or move out of position. Currently on the market, Velcro is much stronger than ordinary adhesive, but Velcro is more costly, and most mid-range and low-end products still use ordinary adhesive.

Ease of use

Ease of use includes lightness and ease of use. Patients with mild to moderate incontinence are usually younger and most have social needs in the workplace, which can be very embarrassing and unsightly if the diaper is too thick. Lightness not only keeps the body shape from becoming bulky, but also improves breathability. In addition to sacrificing the total amount of absorption, if you want to make the diaper thinner, you can also improve the infusion layer. An excellent infusion layer spreads the liquid quickly, thus increasing the efficiency of absorption, and even if you reduce the specific gravity of the fluff pulp and SAP, you can still achieve the same absorption power. Ease of use is mainly for incontinent people who are not able to take care of themselves. Simple and easy-to-change products can provide a better experience for both the caregiver and the person being cared for, for example, designing the diaper as a snap-on type is a very good way to do this.


Maintaining a clean odor that does not interfere with the daily socialization of patients with mild to moderate disease, so that patients who are confined to bed with limited mobility do not experience excessive psychological stress, is an important indicator of maintaining their dignity and emotional needs. Excellent odor suppression should remain odorless after multiple urine instillations. The SAP in the absorbent core layer has a certain deodorizing effect, and many merchants will add extra silver ions, or active adsorption ingredients to achieve the effect.

The top ten diapers with the best reputation are as follows

1, curious HUGGIES diapers

Started in 1872 in the United States, the world's top 500 companies, global health and hygiene care leader, a large multinational conglomerate, the top ten brands of diapers, Kimberly-Clark China Investment Co., Ltd., specifically designed to ensure that the baby comfortable to wear and comfortable in the live before moving the design of the baby diaper brand, the world's top 500 companies, health and hygiene care in the field of the well-known enterprises.

Curious HUGGIES diapers was born in 1978, is the world's leading technological innovation of baby diapers brand. Curious HUGGIES strives to provide the best performance products, from every detail for the baby's consideration, so that the baby unrestrained freedom to explore, discover, and grow happily.

2, Pampers diapers rock no boy

Founded in 1837 in the United States, one of the more favorite brands of consumers, the world's top 500 enterprises, one of the world's largest daily necessities company, the top ten diaper brands, Procter & Gamble (China) Co.

3, mommy baby diapers

Started in 1961 Japan, multinational companies, dedicated to baby products, women's products and other health products manufacturer, top ten diaper brands, Unicharm Living Products (China) Co.

4, the wonderful and Shu diapers

Founded in 1887 in Japan, the world's top 500 companies in Japan Kao brand, one of Japan's larger daily necessities production enterprises, the top ten diaper brands, Kao (China) Investment Co.

5, Kao GOON diapers

In 1943, one of Japan's larger paper producers, one of the world's largest integrated pulp and paper factory, top ten diaper brands, world famous brand, Dalian Wanlin Trade Co.

6, An erle diapers

Chinese well-known trademark, Fujian famous brand, Fujian famous trademark, one of the larger domestic women's sanitary napkins and baby Tsa Pun child diaper production enterprises, top ten diaper brands, Heng An International Group Co.

7, Phoebe Fitti diapers

In 1973, is committed to providing quality / comfortable and doubled baby care products, professional diaper brands, top ten diaper brands, industry famous brand, Ruide Hygiene Paper Products Co.

8, Noda adult diapers

China's famous brand, has been casting sales by word of mouth, focusing on the care industry, to create a modern dust-free aseptic workshop.

With automatic production equipment, refined testing process and refined testing process.

9, bird's diapers

Fujian famous brand, one of China's larger baby care products company, high-tech enterprises, top ten diaper brands, professional baby products manufacturers, bird's (Fujian) Industrial Development Co.

10, Pigeon Pigeon diapers

In 1949 Japan, a large multinational group of companies, the top ten brands of diapers, women's baby products, the leader of the coarse Wang Wang enterprise, Pigeon Baby Products (Shanghai) Co.


The choice of adult diapers should still be viewed in the context of your own family, and you should not be overly obsessed with brands. After all, adult diapers are a consumable, long-term use of the cost is also a factor that has to be considered. There is also the use of the height and weight of the person is also an important indicator, there is also the water absorption of adult diapers is also an important indicator.

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